Weekly Winner
Anna Gaines-Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park (Anna Gaines)

Congratulations to our next Weekly Winner, Anna Gaines, on her beautiful photo in Crater Lake National Park.

"My family and I hiked down to Crater Lake on one of the few cloudy days of summer. The steam-like clouds had created a softness to the day against the dark volcanic rock. My daughter went to the lake's edge to look for fish. I was struck by the briefness of her at this age, how these moments of us, like the physical appearance of an active volcano, is ever changing. I set up my tripod, and joined her for a series of images. This one, I felt, captured the serenity of our moment together: a contemplative pause at the brink of timelines born in violence, formed and worn into beauty over the course of 5 and 8,000 years."

Thank you for sharing and enjoy your America the Beautiful - The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass!

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2014 Winners

Grand Prize Winner - Gregory (Cameron) Teller, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Cameron Teller's patience paid off as he captured this touching image of a mother polar bear and her cub along the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. "This was my first time and I was amazed; I fell in love with the area,” said Teller of the six-person Alaska tour to see northern lights and polar bears. “We stayed a couple of days in a village in the refuge where bear’s frequented this part of the landscape. Moments with mothers and their cubs were just perfect; especially this shot as the cub reached up to his mother.” He also experienced some incredible northern lights displays and explained that it was "one of those spiritual moments I'll never forget. I was expecting slow movement, but it was like billowing curtains of light." Photography is a hobby for Teller and he is a frequent visitor to our nation's federal lands. "I have been looking on the website for some commercially-guided trips," said Teller. "I love that site." And we love your photos Cameron. We hope to see more.

Second Prize Winner - Eric DaBreo, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California

This year’s second place winner, Eric DaBreo, has a passion for photography fueled by the sky. “For me sky is a big deal when I take pictures. To me, more or less, the sky is about half the picture.” In this award-winning shot taken in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Eric was in search of that perfect sunset. We think he got it. “I think the first time I went to the Presidio was for a school field trip. I had just gotten it (Nikon camera) as a gift from my parents. I was really into photography so I was making a lot of trips back to San Francisco because I was really into city-scapes and the nighttime lights. In this instance, we went down to the beach to shoot the sunset.” Eric’s skills as a photographer are self-taught, relying on trial and error to capture breath-taking moments. “I do a lot of long exposure photography. You’re kinda capturing time. It shares the experience a little bit better.” We look forward to more of these stories from Eric. This summer his plans include several trips to Lassen National Park – day hiking and backpacking, camera at the ready.

Third Prize Winner - Jordan Moore, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Jordan Moore and his wife fell in love with Yellowstone during their vacation in the fall of 2013, so much so that they revisited the next spring. It was then that the clouds parted as they were making their way around a lake and as a bison was walking along the shoreline. "I was using a telephoto lens and took several shots and this was the best one," Moore explained. "I am from Texas and used to cattle, but the bison were something completely different." Moore is new to photography and his first visit to Yellowstone sparked his new passion. "I did not really do anything with a camera before that September trip," he commented. Moore learned a lot in a short time with his "entry-level" camera and explains his philosophy on capturing a great shot "it's all about light and composition." We look forward to seeing more of Moore's images as he and his wife set out on their next outdoor adventure.

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