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Cooper Castan commented on "Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve" 2015-02-10 4:47pm

This is amazing.

Debra Rincon commented on "Crater Lake National Park" 2015-02-06 1:16pm

I am Klamath tribal member & this is one of best pics I have ever seen of Crater Lake. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us all.

Lynda Oliver commented on "Glacier National Park" 2015-01-20 7:34pm

Beautiful shot he bathing or fishing? Love it!!

Dan Darragh commented on "Glacier National Park" 2015-01-20 1:51pm

Thank you Mark! I appreciate the comment.

Jim Feezor commented on "YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK" 2015-01-19 11:31am

Very moving, emotional shot! For me it shows Yosemite "coming to life", not a dead thing, but something that is very much ALIVE! Every rock, every water fall, every cloud and shadow/light seems to be waking up (coming to life) in this photo,