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Sarah KC commented on "Grand Canyon National Park" 2014-09-15 3:56pm

That's beautiful, Gwendelynn! It makes me want to go visit it even more.

Sarah KC

Tissy Fitzgerald commented on "Yellowstone" 2014-09-15 8:58am

Wow. Land of the free. A home where the buffalo roam.
To me this picture is "A Classic American Portrait".

Chris Margolin commented on "Yellowstone" 2014-09-15 8:37am

Impressive image. Color, composition and clarity are all perfect. It's great when a wildlife photo conveys emotion - for me, this one has a feeling of both strength and loneliness. Nice work.

Seth Nieman commented on "Great Sand Dunes National Park" 2014-09-14 4:37pm

Beautiful photo...

Teresita Doebley commented on "Rainbow Lake/Chugach National Forest AK" 2014-09-14 7:44am

I found Alaska to be so photogenic. Beautiful photo.