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James Johnson commented on "Tuzigoot National Monument" 2015-07-28 6:43pm

Great Photo!

Cara Liu commented on "Bryce Canyon National Park" 2015-07-28 4:42pm

This is an awesome picture of a splendid natural bridge! The whiteness of the snow contrasts perfectly with the redness of the rocks to create an aesthetic view while the blueness of the sky and green of the trees give the photo a finishing touch. This photo could not have been more perfect!!!

David Otano commented on "Bryce Canyon National Park" 2015-07-27 5:28pm


Paul Braden commented on "Lassen Volcanic National Park" 2015-07-26 6:00pm

Awesome photo! I've never seen Lassen at this time of year.

Damon Yeh commented on "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" 2015-07-25 12:59am

Hope you enjoy my shot. The Arctic Refuge is a very special place.