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Lynne Hook commented on "Golden Gate National Recreation Area" 2015-05-22 11:46am

How do I get to this spot? I have walked the beach in the Golden Gate National Park but never have gotten this close to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Marielle Macher commented on "Tonto National Forest/ Salt River" 2015-05-22 9:37am


Marielle Macher commented on "Arches Naitonal Park" 2015-05-22 9:34am

Beautiful shot!

Sue Cullumber commented on "Tonto National Forest" 2015-05-21 5:50pm

Thank you Eric!

Bear Burns commented on "White River National Forest" 2015-05-20 1:13pm

If you look closely just to the right of the waterfall along the rock wall, you can see what looks like two faces kissing. We have visited Hays Creek Falls many times and have named this
"The Kissing Rock"