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Betsy Purdum commented on "Sleeping Bear National Park" 2014-11-26 6:28pm

I love the soft, painterly colors of this image

Norma Clayton commented on "Blue Ridge Parkway" 2014-11-26 8:19am

Ahhh, you captured the beauty of our mountains perfectly!!

Jack Rantowich commented on "Yellowstone National Park" 2014-11-26 2:16am

Great Shot, frame it and put on your wall, nice depth of field, looks 3D, wildlife is my favorite thing to shoot.

Jack Rantowich commented on "Yosemite" 2014-11-26 2:07am

Beautiful photograph, the sun, all the colors in the sky and the different shades of colors in the tree lines, AWESOME!!!!!!!

Frederic Strawbridge commented on "Canyonlands National Park" 2014-11-25 3:56pm

Please note: Activities on Arches Determination - Superintendent's determination prohibiting walking, climbing, rappelling, or scrambling on arches in Arches and Canyonlands