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Michael Rosa commented on "Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge" 2017-02-19 7:39am

excellent photo
try leveling out the horizon see what that looks like

Michael Rosa commented on "Great Smokey Mountain National Park" 2017-02-19 7:21am

great photo I like the vailing of the water

Michael Rosa commented on "Grand Teton National Park" 2017-02-19 7:17am

great sky on this one. great time of day and reflection in water. if possible would have been great if you got out of the car and walked up to the concrete barrier and got the full reflection in the water and eliminated the concreate barrier

Michael Rosa commented on "Glacier Park" 2017-02-19 7:13am

I like the sky in this one perfect blue with clouds. glad you got some clouds in the photo looks a whole lot better. that log at the edge of the photo either needs to be cropped out or included not right on the edge of the photo like it is but otherwise a great shot

Michael Rosa commented on "Glacier National Park" 2017-02-19 7:09am

love this bighorn sheep. the detail and surrounding area is great. might of made this a horizontal instead of a vertical and a little bit more space around the sheep.