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Joanna Proffitt commented on "Grand Canyon National Park" 2018-01-11 2:17pm

Glad to find my entry was approved!

Toni Angell Pulvermacher commented on "Shoshone National Forest, WY" 2018-01-06 6:39pm

This is beautiful! My favorite

Alan Jakobs commented on "Denali National Park" 2018-01-06 4:05pm

Where is the vote button?

Robert Block commented on "Big Bend National Park, Texas" 2018-01-05 5:59am

Great Picture! I believe that is commonly referred to as a Giant Water Bug that likes fresh water areas ( Belostomatidae Family )

Robert Block commented on "Canyonlands Nation Park, UT" 2018-01-05 5:46am

Great Panoramic Shot!