Robert Fischer
Mount Pleasant, UT
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2015-09-15 14:57:22
ABOUT Robert

I have loved art and started drawing and painting in middle school. I struggled in most of my other classes, but art was something I loved. I took photography classes in high school and college. I really enjoyed developing film back in the late 90's in my college classes. I lost time to photograph for a few years, but then started taking my family to the National Parks and photographing whenever I got the chance. Most of my photos were taken with my family of 5 kids. I would stop setup and take some photos while my family sometimes would go ahead and I would run up the trail to catch them. This is how most of our trips go. One of the greatest parts of photographing is that my kids get to experience it as well and photography has help us all to slow down a little on the trails and take more of the beauty around us in. I have been published in Cowboys and Indians Magazine and have been mentioned by Natgeo, CanonUSA and many others on Instagram.