Yellowstone National Park

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Summer Embrace — I've been visiting Yellowstone National Park since I was a young boy. Viewing North America's wildlife is a sacred experience for me. I've been blessed with many unbelievable wildlife sightings but in June 2021 I got perhaps the most intimate look at the tender and playful secret life of grizzly bears.

While going for an early morning drive I came across this amazing couple; foraging, wrestling, and cuddling. I stopped my car to watch them from a distance. As time wore on they meandered down the hillside and rested on a grassy hill perhaps 40ft from my car parked on the side of the road. From within my car I captured this photo among others.

This photo and the bears at its center personify my love for our national parks. This may well have been a once in a lifetime experience, and I'll forever be grateful to have been there to capture it.

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