Grand Teton National Park

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"Abstract / Eye-to-Eye: Abstract Portrait of a Bull Moose"
An abstract portrait of a bull moose puts the emphasis on both the eye that is lit up by the golden hour sun, and on the leading negative space of the dark fur which accentuates the massive size of this animal. It captures the powerful spirit and size of the creature. As moose graze, they keep a watchful eye on everything in their environment, even human photographers. As this moose ate, he would periodically glance at me, and for a split second turned his head perfectly to catch the light as we looked eye-to-eye. This golden catchlight strongly pulls us in, and lets the observer feel the euphoric feeling I had when I was looking into its eye during this shot. You really can feel the animal's spirit and experience his presence. Getting the shot, I woke before sunrise to find the moose in Grand Tetons National Park, then positioned myself low to the ground to get a great angle. No bait was used.

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