Assateague Island National Seashore

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The rise of milkyway galactic core over the lonely petrified tree standing in the water. Maryland, USA.

This photo is captured and featured only this year by several photographers which many of them I follow by heart.

My astro buddy (we shoot together several times) keep forcing me to visit the location and try to replicate the scene, naturally obviously.

He already did the research, visited and scouted the location month ahead. Now it was wait time for the good weather and perfect moon phase.

I got a call from him late afternoon on weekday and he kept saying the weather may come out good. Let's try tonight.

I have been to this location several times this year mostly for night shooting except this particular one. It's about 4 hours of one way driving from my home.

Waited to get the milkyway lined up parallel to the tree and captured without any fuss. And here's the final outcome.

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