Grand Teton National Park
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I was inspired to take a road trip out to Grand Teton National Park to experience the fall colors I'd seen in numerous photos in the Teton Mountains. On this particular trip the bright fall colors didn't materialize.  Since Teton is also a great wildlife habitat there were plenty of moose and other creatures to see. When this particular shot was taken, I was headed to the Teton Hostel and stopped at Schwabacher Landing because it is always a scenic spot.  When I drove down the road the pair of moose were walking on the bank opposite the parking area.  When the moose popped out of the woods in the water in front of the Teton Mountains, I grabbed a camera and took a few shots.  It was a case of being in the right place in the right time.
It’s not too difficult to find a beautiful landscape to photograph in the national parks.  If you wander around long enough with a telephoto lens, chances are you'll get some nice photos of whatever wildlife is native to the area.  When you get really lucky, the two combine in one scene at sunrise or sunset, you happen to have a camera with you and you get an image that shows all the elements of that particular ecosystem.

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