Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
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Last January, a rare sighting of a Snowy Owl had been seen at Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge. On this day I finally had a chance to go and hopefully see it for myself. I visited the visitor center at Prime Hook and was as told that no one had seen it for days, but I could try looking in a particular area.  After trying and not having any luck, I went out to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  Once entering and driving thru the refuge, I just by chance saw this owl perched along the side of the road that goes thru the refuge.  I couldn't believe that it was that close to the road and that it didn't fly away when I drove by.  I quickly stopped my truck and slowly got out, grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.  I just knew it wouldn't sit there for long.  I slowly started walking back to where it was perched, taking pictures all the way, until I got as close as I felt was comfortable for the owl.  I took over 100 shots of this beautiful bird.  The shot of it looking right at me was unbelievable.

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